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Oreo-Stuffed Donuts (Sufganiyot)

Oreo-Stuffed Donuts (Sufganiyot)

Hello, hello! Long time no post, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about you! I just came back from a three week stay with my family in Israel, it was so nice to see them and to spoil my nephew with chocolate and goodies (yep, I’m that kind of aunt). Now we’re back just in time to celebrate Hanukkah, one of my favorite holidays of the year. Part of the Hanukkah tradition is to eat lots and lots of fried goodies, especially donuts a.k.a. sufganiyot. I might have gone a little overboard with the sufganiyot this year… Maybe it’s the jetlag, or you could also blame homesickness I suppose, but I tell you one thing: these oreo-stuffed donuts are so darn good, I guarantee you’ll want to make them year-round.

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